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  • Stamping Mold Bearing Steel Outer Guide Post, MISUMI Oil Groove Guide Bush Pillar    


Outer guide post and bushing for cold die: type, rolling outer guide post assembly, sliding outer guide post assembly, discharge plate guide post assembly, roller pin guide post assembly etc. The difference die sets use different guide post assembly.


With high-speed and precision development for stamping die, the requirements for guide post are more and more high, so our company researched and developed some durable materials, such as high rigidity bearing steel: SUJ2, SKS3, GCR15, 20CR, 40CR, S45C. wear-resistant tungsten steel, Zhuzhou Diamond tungsten steel: YG15, YG20, YG8. Taiwan Chun Bao: KG3, KG5, KG7, ST6. non-magnetic tungsten steel MA10. Japan tungsten steel V30 and V40. US Kennametal CD60 and other common materials for machining guide post and guide sleeve.


Processing science and technology for outer guide post and bushing: after lathe roughing machining, keeping grinding allowance, heat treatment, case depth 0.8 ~ 1.2mm, hardened to 58 ~ 62HRC, grinding the top hole and accurate grinding for excircle.


Installation method for outer guide post and bushing:


1. Mounting hole for guide post - guide sleeve uses accurate grinding boring or milling, or jig grinding for processing.


2. To determine benchmark for punch – punch guide bush - stripper plate, processing temporary location hole, then insert the benchmark checking specified position.


3. Due to it can refer to guide pin and bushing as a benchmark for processing punch pin – punch guide bush and stripper plate, so it does not need dowel pins.


4. To be easy installation and need dowel pins, please enlarge unilateral dowel pin hole about 0.1mm.
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