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haft collar also called shaft sleeve, check ring, axle ring, locating ring. called shaft collar in English, shaft sleeve has many types, British system sleeve aperture is from 1/8 inch to 6 inch, we have total about 1830 kinds of products with inner diameter from 2 to 70, recommend to use our shaft collar and outer diameter tolerance g6-h5-f8 for guide shaft, shaft’s outer diameter tolerance g6-h7, mounted for bottom base, materials included: 303 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, black carbon steel, yellow galvanized carbon steel, high-strength aluminum alloy and engineering plastics etc.


Common types for shaft collar are: set screw type shaft collar, slit type shaft collar, split type shaft collar, double-sided cutting type shaft collar, double holes type shaft collar, double-threaded type shaft collar, handle fast-mounted type shaft collar, with polyurethane shaft collar.

Can customize it as per standard Japan MISUMI, IWATA, RULAND etc.


Recommended types for shaft collar:


Set screw type shaft collar: price is favorable, compared to slit type, the thickness is thinner.

Slit type shaft collar: compared to set screw type, connecting force is larger, can avoid to damage shaft when connecting.

Split type: due to after installation, maintenance is very convenient, can avoid to damage shaft when connecting.

Handle type: can install when no tool, is suitable for frequent loading and unloading parts.



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