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  • Stainless Steel Spiral Compression Punching Mold Light Load Bright Blue Coil Spring    


Springs for Stamping Mold


Common springs: National standard springs, Japan JIS, US DME, Germany HASCO, ISO10243 international standard etc.


Springs on the nowaday market are divided as below: Metal helical springs, nitrogen gas springs and polyurethane springs, total three categories.

Spring materials are: SWOSC-V, 60SI2CrA, 65MN, SPW, stainless steel: SUS440C, SUS304, S316, etc.


We select high-quality spring steel for processing and production, spring products can replace the original Japan TOHATSU springs, DAIDO springs, MISUMI springs, PUNCH springs, US SMD springs, HASCO springs etc.


Based on usage and the different amount of compression springs can be divided into: high amount of compression springs, light green light load heat-resisting springs, light blue light-load heat-resisting springs, silver light load heat-resisting springs, purple light load heat-resistant springs, high load springs, light and small load bright yellow rectangle springs, light and small load bright blue rectangle springs, mid load bright red rectangle springs, heavy load bright green rectangle springs, super heavy load tawny rectangle springs etc.



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