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name:T-shaped straight punches

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T-shaped straight punches for Die Press Tools


Punches are indispensable parts when press die moulds are working. They belong to replaceable mold consumables. And be assembled in press die moulds to be continuous punching and blanking. Make processing material separate or plastic deformation, thereby obtaining required finished or semi-finished products.


Common types include straight punch, stepped punch, tap punch pin, detecting tip, hexagonal punch pin, elliptical punch pin, diamond-shaped punch, fan-shaped punch, special shaped punch, square punch and trilateral punch. Based on material it includes high-speed steel punch, tungsten steel punch and so on.


Common materials include stainless steel such as SKD11 DC53 SKH-9 SKH51 ASP-23 ASP-60 and tungsten steel such as YG15 YG20 KG7 KG3 CD53.


We can machine it according to Japanes standard MISUMI and PUNCHI, German standard HASCO FIBRO, USA standard DME PCS. Surface titanium coating include TiCN black titanium and TiN yellow titanium, can replace Japanese standard punch perfectly.


We also can provide CNC lathe machining, grinding machining, mirror EDM machining, CNC machining center, precision water mill machining, EDM wire cutting machining (tolerance 0.001mm) etc..



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