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name:Back Post Steel Plate Die Sets punch press die set

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 Back Post Steel Plate Die Sets / Press Tool Die Sets     


Hardware die sets is used to fix punch and punch guide bush. It is composed of upper mold base, lower mold base, guide post and bushing, assembled into grinding assembly.


We provide one-step service for designing, R&D and customizing of metal stamping die sets, tooling jigs, square plate grinding, precision platform for machine.


We can process the following template material: Ace steel S50C, high quality cast iron, stainless steel S316 and so on. The maximum size can be achieved 2000-2000mm, tolerances for parallelism and perpendicularity can be 0.01, overall assembly precision can be within 0.01, grinding roughness can be 0.8 accurate grinding.



We also can undertake CNC lathe machining, inner and external round grinding machining, mirror EDM machining, CNC machining center, precision water mill machining, EDM wire cutting machining (tolerance 0.001mm) etc.




Back Post Steel Plate Die Sets, punch press die set



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 Back Post Steel Plate Die Sets, punch press die set



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